Exploring the complexities of fruit would become a lifetime endeavor.

Lucien was born and raised in Southwestern France, a region known for its rich terroir, a soil that has given the world Cognac, Armagnac, and Bordeaux wines. This dense earth, criss crossed by rivers, gives birth to a wide variety of fruit. Raspberries, blueberries, apricots, blackcurrants, mirabelles, quinces, nectarines and reine claudes, among many others, fill the hilly landscape with vibrant dots of color.

Before making his mark on French gastronomy with his fruit spreads, he was a humble fruit farmer, cultivating fruit from a kaleidoscopic array of orchards, learning the secrets of the region’s rich ecosystems.

The specific terroir of the region, which produced fruits with distinct aromas and flavor profiles, convinced Lucien that exploring the complexities of fruit would be a lifetime endeavor. Born of a curious mind and restless spirit, Lucien started tinkering with these fruits he had come to know so well: he began to craft his own special brand of jams at the dawn of the 1980s.

He used traditional recipes that were handed down to him by his mother, and cooked them in his own kitchen, with his own battered copper pot. The slow-cooking process, combined with the unique thermal qualities of the copper cauldron, yielded fruit preserves that befuddled the tastebuds of Lucien’s first customers. Indeed, these jams were made with more fruit and less sugar, which brought out the true aroma of the fruit. Only a former fruit farmer could have thought of creating jams in that fashion!

A budding entrepreneur, Lucien would load up his yellow Renault with his jams and zig zag through the countryside, selling his jars to local grocers, little boutiques, farmers’ markets and county fairs.

Word of mouth quickly spread thanks to the quality of the jams.

Within a couple of years Lucien had made the jump from local fruit stalls to the national and international stage. His concoctions, stewed to perfection in his cherished copper cauldrons, won award after award, including bronze, silver, and gold medals at France’s prestigious Concours Général Agricole (quite a mouthful isn’t it?).

Lucien is now the 2nd biggest artisanal jam-maker in the French retail market, and although he produces his preserves at a much larger scale, he still relies on the same good old-fashioned methods that brought him regional fame. The copper cauldrons are now much bigger, and the fruits, as always, are carefully selected for their taste and ripeness — it is not uncommon for Lucien to turn down a batch of fruits if he deems the quality to be beneath his standards. The reasoning is logical: since Lucien’s preserves contain more fruit and less sugar than competing brands, and knowing that the copper cauldrons preserve the integrity and full flavor of the fruit, the fruit’s quality will have an enormous impact on the quality of the preserves.

After conquering the hearts and tastebuds of France, Lucien is now ready to share his love of fruit with his neighbors from across the pond.

We have carefully selected 8 classic fruit preserves, 7 organic 100% fruit spreads, and 2 hazelnut and chocolate spreads that are available across the United States.

We hope you get to taste every single one of them, and we’d love to hear what you think of our little creations!

Bon appétit,

Lucien Georgelin