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What's more authentic than a mother's recipe?

Lucien's fond memories of his mother's homemade preserves spurred him to make his own batch. His knowledge of fruit and his mother's secret recipe combined to produce Lucien's uniquely delicious fruit spreads.

Fruit Preserve Facts

We're in love with fruit.

Our fruits are picked at the peak of ripeness and we make sure they taste amazing before we throw them in the pot!


Less sugar means more well-being.

Why overwhelm perfectly good fruit with so much sugar? Our classic preserves are made with up to 60% fruit and our organic line is made entirely out of fruit!


Master artisans.

Our team of master chefs cook our preserves in copper cauldrons over an open fire.

Why do we use copper kettles?
The answer is simple.

For generations cooks have trusted copper pots, pans and kettles to create culinary masterpieces. Copper is known for its great thermal conductivity, which means that the whole surface of the kettle will be uniformly heated, ensuring that every fruit in the kettle is cooked at precisely the same temperature. Slow cooking in copper kettles helps conserve the savor and zest of the fruit and gives it that special "made in grandmother's kitchen" taste.

our hazelnut chocolate spread


We don't need palm oil to make a great-tasting hazelnut chocolate spread.

The widespread industrial use of palm oil has led to mass deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia to make way for its monoculture. That's why we made a commitment against using palm oil in our chocolate hazelnut spread.


Mass Deforestation.

The cultivation of Palm has led to the razing of mass swaths of land in the tropical forests of Indonesia and Malaysia, destroying the habitats of hundreds of species, many of them endangered or nearly extinct.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The destruction and burning of these forests to make room for Palm Oil plantations is also the main reason why Indonesia is the 3rd-highest greenhouse gas emitter in the world.


We Don't Need It.

Who says you need Palm Oil to make deliciously unctuous hazelnut and chocolate spread? One spoonful of Lucien will make you realise that Palm Oil is a completely unnecessary ingredient. What's good for your tastebuds can also be good for Mother Earth!